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Calculate the Capacity of an Agitator & Conditioner

4/7/2016· Therefore, 5,985 times 2 equals 11,970 cu. ft. (Total volume 48 hours agitation). We find that 15′ x 4.5″ x 16′ and 1″ Bolted Steel Tank has an available capacity of 2,860 cu. ft.; therefore, four of these will handle the job.


How many times per hour does the tank solution need to circulate through the eductors? The answer is application-dependent and based on solution viscosity and the number of particulates. A general rule of thumb is 20 turnovers per hour. Here are some typical guidelines:


Stage 1: The Jet type tank agitator was operated for 10 minutes while the tank was in full position and samples were taken at three different elevation levels (10%, 50% and 90% full) of the tank. Stage 2: The hydraulic jet agitator was run for 16 minutes after stopping for 10 minutes and the samples taken in the first stage were repeated.

A method to determine the optimal tank size for a chilled ...

aged chiller plant, and it can reduce the tank capacity directly. The tank state and state change are described with ton and ton-hour, respectively, which will lead to inconsistency for a chilled water storage tank when the loop delta-T fluctuates. The electricity rate is the main driving force and the economic incentive for the application of ...

Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid Batches

with the bulk motion of the fluid. The Reynolds number is defined for agitated batch liquids as: N Re = ( D 2 * N * ρ B / μ B) (14) B μ B = viscosity of the batch liquid at the average batch liquid temperature, lb./hr-ft. D = agitator cross sectional diameter measured tip to tip, ft. N = agitator speed, revolutions per hour.

Chilled Water Ton/Hours Calculation - HVAC/R engineering ...

10/22/2010· 7,841,410 Btu / 12,000 Btu/h/ton = 653 ton-hours Calculation above does not take any losses into account, nor the fact that you can't get back 100% of the energy you spent in cooling it, nor any allowance for decreasing effectiveness of heat exchangers as tank temperature rises. Oh, and you might want to wait and see if anyone checks my work.Is there any freezing / thawing going on? Give us temperatures, type of fluid, etc... As many details as possible. Good on ya, Goober DaveSystem and chiller gpm would be helpful. Tank dimensions as well.This is a chilled water system. There is no GPM meters currently on the system. The tank is 10 feet deep by 40 feet in diameter. The usual tank tem...10*π*(40/2)^2 = 12,566 cubic feet 12,566*62.4 lbm/cu ft = 784,141 lbm Assuming 10°F ΔT, that's 7,841,410 Btu in storage. 7,841,410 Btu / 12,000 Btu...Chilled water coil performance 10deg F delta-T versus 12 deg F7/13/2011High iron content in chilled water loop1/23/2005