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Design and Fabrication of Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

02/10/2018· This project is about designing and fabricating the Recycle Bin Can/Bottle Crusher Machine to help people easy to crush the can as well as bottle and bring anywhere. This project involves the process of designing the different parts of this crusher machine …


The design of this machine is such that it would require optimum load to crush bottles and will thus not strain the user or operator. After the completion of design process, it could be manufactured and transformed into a Recycle aid able machine. The crusher thus would help in recycling plastic waste.

Soft drink can crusher - SNOE; FELIX C.

A soft drink can crusher, comprising in combination, a frame, a cylinder affixed on the frame, a piston slideable inside the cylinder, means for reciprocating said piston in said cylinder, an anvil at the end of said cylinder, said piston being forced by said means against a can placed in an end of said cylinder adjacent said anvil in further combination with means to cut said can in half, after the can has been …Cited by: 4

Design and Fabrication of Can Crusher - ijirset

regarding this design and analysis. This project involves processes like design, fabrication and assembling procedures. Even though there are many types of the can crusher machine in the market, the completion of the new model provides a more practical usage than previous one. KEYWORDS: Design Consideration, Calculation, Size Reduction, Cans. 165KB

Plastic Bottle Crusher – Reduce. Waste. Volume.

The 5000 is a big, strong crusher for: Plastic jugs, bottles and cartons up to a size of one gallon or 5 L, Aluminum drink cans (eg soft drink cans and beer cans), small steel food cans. Crush these all horizontally in two easy steps. Steel Can Crusher MODEL 5001. Manual crusher for large steel food cans, catering cans, size 10 cans.

The Design of Beverage Vending Machines Based on PLC

The vending machine can provide two kinds of drinks A and B. The price is 10 RMB and15 RMB respectively. Customers put money greater than the purchase price, the corresponding drinks light will ...