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From 1861 to the 1940s, gold was produced from 64 mining districts in Nova Scotia, where mercury amalgamation was the dominant method for the extraction of gold from ore until the 1880s.

Amalgamation and small-scale gold mining in the ancient Andes

In 1532, the volume of gold provided by Atahualpa, the Inka king, as ransom for his release from the Spanish was hard evidence for the efficient small-scale gold mining that took place before European contact and the number of gold occurrences in the Andes. At Huancavelica, Perú, mercury occurs as a native metal and as cinnabar [HgS], which was used for pigments, funeral preparations, and ...

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In the early 1890s mining equipment and techniques used were basic and labour intensive. The first need in the process of the gold recovery was to "soften" the ore before it was crushed by the heavy stampers. The ore was taken from the mine to the drying kilns/burning pits where it was partially roasted.