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The Flexonic® belt is the original elastic ribbed belt designed by Hutchinson in 2001.About Hutchinson · Market segments · Products & Solutions · Resource Center · News · ConveyXonic

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CONVEYING MARKET. Hutchinson pioneered the optimisation of conveyor system power transmissions and constantly seeks to innovate, in a spirit of proactiveness and partnership. We have developed a full range of high performance belts (Poly V, Conveyxonic ®, Flexonic ®) to provide a solution to all your needs.

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High performance for pallet conveyor Hutchinson offers a ConveyXonic® PK belt to replace chains for very heavy loads up to 2 tonnes (89mm roller diameter, …

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A wide field of applications Hutchinson belt drive solutions are found in cars and trucks worldwide. They’re also appreciated by leading conveyor belt and appliance makers. The wider pulley contact transmits more power, significantly improving reliability and cost.

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ConveyXonic®. Our ConveyXonic® belt transfers power from the roller motor to all conveyor belt rollers. We use a molding process to guarantee the highest quality and the durability of our belts, considerably reducing maintenance costs. We've also been able to cut overall conveyance costs by reducing the number of roller motors.

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Portable Belt Conveyors Hutchinson is committed to providing farmers with industry leading products. Hutchinson also understands that certain commodities require gentle handling to preserve the life of the seed and reduce degradation. The HCX belt conveyor series was designed for gentle handling and engineered for long-lasting durability.


belts, chains, gears) to ribbed belt transmission ..... 17 e.1 Noise reduction e.2 The compactness of the transmission e.3 Reduction of roller and pallet conveyor costs 5. …

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Hutchinson Manuals – Portable Belt Conveyors Squeeze Belt Conveyors Squeeze Belt – 35′ & 45′ (1026642) Squeeze Belt – 60′ & 70′ (1026857) Squeeze Belt – 90′ (1029871) Squeeze Belt Assembly Photos (1028723) ...

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70' Hutchinson Portable Squeeze Belt Conveyor - Electric (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Squeeze Belt Conveyors feature a unique belt roller guide system for long-lasting performance with heavy-duty two-ply 15" Crescent Top PVC belts with nylon slider backs.

ConveyXonic Poly-V (Multi-Rib, V-Ribbed) Conveyor Belts

Convey X onic TM Poly-V ® Conveyor Belts Dura-Belt is a master distributor for Hutchinson ConveyXonic High Tension, PJ-profile Poly-V ® powered roller belts (also called PolyVee, multi-rib belts,V-ribbed belts, poly ribbed belts and Micro-V ® belts).