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Rigs come in four sizes: Small, for Frigates and Destroyers; Medium, for Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Industrials, and Mining Barges; Large, for Battleships; Capital, for Capital Ships; Unlike for modules, it's not possible to fit a "wrong-sized" rig on a ship. Nearly all rigs come in …进一步探索Rigs - EVE Online Guide - Thonky.comwww.thonky.comEVEInfo / Rigs / Drone Rigs / Medium Drone Rigseveinfo.comFittings for Retriever, 47 fits found | EVE Workbenchwww.eveworkbench.comShip CPU Guide - EVE Online Guidewww.thonky.comEVEMarketerevemarketer.com

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For rigs I use either, 2x core defense field extenders and 1 ice harvest rig (if that's something you'd try) otherwise 3x core defense field extenders. That and a damage control means several catalysts for a pretty crappy loss mail (sure it could happen but you're about the least attractive target out there).Top responsesProcurers are the brick tanks under the T1 Mining Barges, but the Retriever can fit a mean surpise hull tank as well. 22k EHP with a T2 Damage Control …read more5 votesWhichever ones look the best on the lossmails.3 votesMedium Core Defense Field Extender. On Procurers that is. Ventures, probably 2x anti-em and 1x anti-thermal, assuming you're gonna fit an MSE II to …read more2 votesWhile its true you rig for defense, any good ganker will ship scan you 1st, look it up in a chart and know exactly what it takes to gank you. That being said you …read more1 voteDepends on the ships and if you value killing power or escaping ganks more.1 voteDepends on the fit .0 votes

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Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization: These Rigs increase your Mercoxit Mining efficiency, providing you with a 16% higher yield. These are available in medium size only (they will fit Exhumers and Mining Barges) Drone Mining AugmentorSkill Name: Description

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02/02/2017· The implants for harvesting ore, gas, and ice will require Cybernetics. There are only rigs for Mercoxit (special type of rare ore) and Ice mining. Neither require training. That said, I'd focus on increasing skills before going for fancy implants. Skills work with any clone you're in and don't require you to re-buy them when you're podded.Test server news and discussions are from now on in the new forums!25/06/2017Launcher White Screen31/12/2016Move EVE install folder13/09/2013What rigs to use for Hulk/Mach ...04/01/2013

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Mineable MaterialsImproving Mining YieldShort-CyclingOre1. Main article: Asteroids and Ore There are sixteen types of ore in New Eden (each with two further subtypes, but which are functionally identical to their parent ore), and, as a general rule, the rarer the ore, the higher its volume. So Veldspar (the most common type of ore) has a volume of 0.1 m3 per unit, whil…Ice1. Main article: Ice Mining There are twelve different types of ice in New Eden, but unlike ore, all types of ice have a volume of 1000 m3 per unit - and all ice harvesting modules mine 1000 m3(i.e. one unit of ice) per cycle. Therefore, increasing ice mining efficiency involves reducing the cycle time (which, by default…Gas1. Main article: Gas Cloud Mining There are 25 different types of harvestable gas in New Eden, grouped into three categories. Mykoserocin and cytoserocin gases (found in known space) all have a volume of 10 m3, while fullerite gases (found in wormhole space) have volumes varying between 1 and 10 m3. Li…

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Mining Rigs Reasoning. Just so the math is clear on why you use circulation rigs instead of efficiency rigs. Based on skills of 5/4/0 in Strip Mining, the m 3 /s changes as follows with these different tier 1 mining boost rigs: (Efficiency rig # / Circulation rig # / Rate in m 3 /s) 3 / 0 / 10.80 2 / 1 / 12.81 1 / 2 / 14.23 0 / 3 / 14.42